Monday, February 15, 2010

Wondering - How to Deal with Pakistan ???

Wondering how to Deal with Pakistan?
We lost the plot and wasted $2 Billion in aid to Afghanistan. US/UK are dealing directly with Pak on Afghanistan. India wasn't even invited for the London/Turkey summits.

Afghans LOVE India (for the help we provided) but FEAR Pakistan. FEAR is stronger emotion than LOVE.

PAKISTAN is working on a well planned strategy to control Afghanistan through TALIBAN. US/UK want to EXIT Afghanistan anyhow and letting Pak dictate the terms to bring Taliban back. Pakistan, the PROMOTER and Nerve Center of Global Terrorism, is laughing all the way, and we in India are hoping for DIVINE intervention.

India, as usual, is begging, pleading US/UK for help. We never seem to learn. Western Powers care only for their agenda.

We have to defend ourselves and need an independent strategy to deal with Af-Pak. May be we should have bombed 5th Feb Meet of JIHADIs in PoK and then negotiated a deal with Pakistan. We also need to be ready to send Troops to Afghanistan, if required. But you need Guts and Foresight to do that.

Sorely missing Strong Leadership in INDIA.