Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morality of Anti Corruption Movement - Is this the Fight to Finish ?

As the saying goes, any struggle with a strong Moral Imperative is bound to succeed.

When Mahatma Gandhi took on almighty British, he had conviction of morality & power of truth on his side. Whole nation was united & finally British had to leave. "Freedom from British" had a strong moral narrative & Gandhi ji was a perfect messenger of this narrative.

In today's India, divided & being exploited on social, economic & cultural ideologies, Anti-Corruption happens to be one such strong & unifying moral narrative, which evokes strong righteous sentiment among the masses. It has a convincing moral imperative which will help us to sustain this FIGHT, hopefully to the FINISH.

Like Mahatma Gandhi, in Anna Hazare we have a Man, who has the moral authority to lead this struggle & unite the nation in this fight against modern day colonizers - The corrupt Politicians, Bureaucrats & Industrialists, who have a formed a nexus & exercise a vice like grip on our psyche & life.

We, the common man, feel helpless as we see high & mighty indulge in brazen corruption & getting away without being punished. Laws have been made to suit these rulers, as was the case with the British, and we the ruled suffer in silence.

It is no surprise that leaders like Sonia Gandhi, whose writ runs large in Congress, has chosen not to act against corrupt who have brazenly looted this nation & siphoned off the loot to tax heavens for decades. We also haven't heard from the next generation LEADER of Congress on the issue of corruption. Karnataka fiasco has toppled the BJP from the moral high ground they occupied on corruption.

UPA government's tenure has undoubtedly been the MOST CORRUPT. UPA has made no sincere efforts to investigate & punish the culprits who have looted the nation. Look at Hasan Ali Khan, no action was taken by UPA for 3 years. In fact the officials who had unearthed the scam, were shown the door. CWG probe is stalled as Kalmadi has threatened to spill the beans and drag high & mighty along with him. Similarly government shielded A Raja as long as it could.

The collusion & complicity of UPA leaders in corruption is obvious. Even Swiss Ambassador has categorically said that Government of India did not ask for the details of those who have kept illegal & criminal money in Swiss Bank Accounts. We may wonder why? The reason is simple, "The Thief won't Police itself".

Finally it was COMMON Citizens like Lawyer Shanti Bhushan & Dr. Subramanyam Swamy, who filed criminal cases against powerful politicians & Supreme Court forced the hand of disgraced UPA regime to act against their corrupt colleagues.

But how long & how often can we expect citizens & judiciary to do the job of executive & legislature. The UPA government has systematically corrupted & misused the institutions like CVC & CBI, who are supposed to fight the corruption & punish the corrupt.

Sensing the nation's mood & anger, UPA is making another eyewash attempt to introduce LOKPAL BILL, which has no teeth. It can't PUNISH, only RECOMMEND. It needs permission from Politicians to Probe other POLITICIANS. It can't PROBE Prime Minister, who like our current PM may always pretend to be unaware of the CORRUPT PRACTICES of his government & cabinet colleagues. This LOKPAL BILL is a FARCE.

Proactive Citizens & Judiciary have shown to the nation that if we unite, we can defeat the Corrupt system. JAN LOKPAL Movement of Civil Society, spearheaded by Sri Anna Hazare, has a MORAL IMPERATIVE to unite & galvanize nation's conscience to get rid of this monster called CORRUPTION. While odds may seem unfavorable now, but they were unfavorable when Gandhi Ji started in 1920. Finally British left!

So lets join hands in this Anti-Corruption Drive & make it a FIGHT to FINISH!