Monday, January 21, 2013

Party Centric Polity is Ruining INDIA!

Both Congress & BJP are loosing the plot on leadership - The First Post article (below) symbolizes the rot in PARTY CENTRIC Indian Polity. 

The 'Weeping Oldies' of Congress who were supposedly traumatized by YUVRAJ's emotional speech provided a comic relief. Last time they all cried was when Sonia Ji decided to let go of PM post. One really wonders as to how these politicians have sold their soul and are bereft of any self-respect to behave like such helpless sycophants.

However, the larger question is, whether our country is safe in the hands of such politicians? The answer seems NO!

Rahul is far from being a successful leader to rescue the congress given his repeated electoral failures and lack of interest in matters of national concern & importance. The YOUTH LEADER was hiding when nation was burning during recent anti-corruption and gang-rape agitations.

Many Congress politicians would have better credentials & more experience than Rahul, but why is it that only a GANDHI is looked upon to save the Congress.

The reason is our PARTY CENTRIC politics. This system is designed to have only family, sycophants and incompetent grow in party ranks, just to ensure that there is no challenge to the dynasty and the leaders, who hang around with vice like grip on the party till they are no more.

Tickets are given not to the MOST QUALIFIED & BEST SUITED candidate, but to those who are pliant and will pose no challenge.

Even after winning their seats, our MPs are like a herd of SHEEP who look at their leader's face to decide whether to shout or raise their hands to vote in the parliament. The party whip has effectively killed the democracy in India and has filled our parliament with ROBOTs who sing & dance to the tunes of their dear leaders.

If all the wisdom and knowledge resides only with the PARTY LEADER, why do we do this 5 Yearly farce of electing these MPs, wasting so much money and creating a big show of pseudo democracy.

Our constitution wasn't designed for this farce. Till Mrs Indira Gandhi got it amended. India's first & subsequent Cabinets were comprised of Ministers, who were the MPs from the parties with diverse view points and ideologies. Prime Minister (like the US President) chose his Cabinet based on the competence of the MPs not based on their parties. This way he could get best of the Parliamentarians to do the Ministerial job. Parties and individual MPs supported or opposed bills and motions based on their respective constituency views & ideologies.

Those parliamentary debates were a pleasure to watch. The committed & capable of society entered politics as they wanted to serve the nation and had freedom to express their views & raise the issues in the Parliament without worrying about party whips.

Today's parliament is devoid of the wisdom of individual MPs. Excellent Parliamentarians rot because they are not pliant to the party bosses. Party is run like a personal fiefdom of party leaders who treat their MPs like underage kids. I am witness to the situations where MPs have made extraordinary efforts to even get an appointment with their Presidents/Leaders, forget about raising issues in Parliament. Most don't get to speak even once in 5 years.

We pose our faith in democracy & elect our MPs. We expect them to use their experience, knowledge and best judgement to debate & decide on various policies, issues and legislate, but in the reality it is just few party bosses who have hijacked our democracy.

Ours is a Failed Democracy and Inefficient Monarchy - Mrs Sonia Gandhi passes on the Congress throne to her yet to be proven son and RSS forces Mr. Nitin Gadkari, who has had less than glorious first term, on to the BJP as President.

Long live DEMOCRATIC (?) India!