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How do we "Change India"

Change India Movement - Join Now -

I have been very concerned with the repeated failure of governance mechanisms and inefficient delivery systems under successive governments both in the states and at the center. This results in anguish & frustration of populace, manifesting itself in so called anti-incumbency factor every 5 years during general elections which results in removal of incumbent government.

The hopes are raised time and again with each new government promising clean and efficient administration but the story repeats every five years or earlier during mid-term election.

Something is fundamentally wrong. No government or political party can be so naive to knowingly plan and work towards its removal at the end of its 5 year term. So it may be argued that despite good intentions and best efforts (exceptions notwithstanding), governments in India repeatedly fail to deliver on their promises.

Could there be systemic problems and inefficiencies which are so entrenched that a complete new thinking and approach is needed to bring efficiency, transparency and accountability in our governance and delivery systems. I BELIEVE SO!!

My discussions with the top leadership of our national parties have also confirmed this view. During our discussions we agreed that a NEW THINKING & APPROACH is needed.

We also agreed that our youth, educated working professionals and middle class is disillusioned with the political establishment and is extremely frustrated with the repeated failure of governance and delivery mechanisms. They have lost faith and as a mark of protest they have disassociated themselves from political process and have even stopped exercising their franchise. This number is around 20 crores and growing. Of total 67 Crore registered voters, only 38 Crore voted in the last general election in 2004.

Last general election saw one national party getting just 23% and other 26% of polled votes. Imagine if even 30% of the above disillusioned voters had voted for any of the above parties, they could have been in majority and formed the government on their own.

As nations produces more and more educated, affluent and working professionals, voting population reduces. Political parties are concerned about this fact as their vote bank is shrinking and they can not afford to let this growing population move away from democratic process. But they do not know as to how to engage and motivate this growing population. Hence they tend to ignore this section of our population as we are vocal, have opinion and ask questions.

This is also the section of society which got excited about Lead India and its potential. Lead India has raised their hopes and expectations.

Our nation is at an inflection point of long term growth and prosperity and we need to put appropriate policies, delivery systems & monitoring processes in place to make sure that we reform our political and governance systems and do everything right to achieve this long term growth resulting in prosperity for all.

As an outcome of our discussions and brainstorming we conceived an organization which not only has PAN-INDIA REACH and APPEAL, but also has grass root input and support in identifying, taking-up and solving issues. This will have a cascading effect and we will have a potent and powerful organization in due course. Given our brand and access, we will find acceptance and recognition from common man, educated working professional, government authorities and political leadership. In the process we will make a difference and hopefully transform the nation.

How do we reach this 20 Crore students, working professionals and middle class families, who have desire but no means to collectively voice their views, opinions and concerns and take-up “Social Entrepreneurship and Political Change Initiatives”. They are groping with “HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE' & “Where to Start” kind of questions.

Given the proliferation of information technology, most of them are connected by one common thread - Internet & Mobile. These tools are very important to reach, connect, enroll and convey our message to them, numbering 200 million and growing.

We have created a scalable and dynamic Web & Mobile SPACE - called CHANGE INDIA (, where these people will -

ONE - Be the Change AGENTs
1. Register, opine, discuss, debate and analyze various issues of local/national interest

2. Take 3 most pressing issues/projects in each city/District and show time bound results/resolutions by working in close cooperation and partnership with all stake holders in a PPP model

3. Identify and borrow best practices of Governance and Delivery across district/states and work with local authorities to implement them

TWO- Bring Together DOERS
We will provide space for various social entrepreneurs, activists, NGOs and advocacy groups to host, promote, seek funds and popularize their ideas, concepts, projects and organizations on . This will give our members a ready shelf of ideas, projects and social entrepreneurship avenues.

THREE- Make a Policy Impact
1. Conduct surveys, polls on topical issues and policies and publish these in major media - print and electronic and become an advocacy group for what our members feel should be the right choice/course/issues.

2. We will interact with and involve our national leadership, subject matter experts and media to discuss and endorse these views and issues. This will keep us current & relevant in influencing policy matters.

FOUR - Create Self Sustaining Eco-System

We will have individual supporters, corporate affiliates and institutional support groups for this movement as many of them find our initiative very apt and exciting and in-line with their Social/national responsibility objective. Huge interest has already been generated and continues to grow.

FIVE- I Will Make A Difference

The above brings us to our most important objective, empowering individuals through collective voice and making them count in the democratic process.

Once they realize that their views and opinions have a logical destination and are reaching policy makers, they will be encouraged to register as voters and potentially exercise their franchise.

If so, this becomes the most important aspect of our movement, where we bring Our Target Audience in the mainstream of democratic process and try to make a difference.


R K Misra


  1. Dear Mishraji

    Congratulations on winning the lead India contest. Wish you all the best. A true leader is the one who makes the follower proud. Mishraji I am proud to be your follower.

    When you become the P.M of India will you not make all the people of India follow the constitution. Even if you have to use force you should not hesitate. Right sir ?. when it is evident that one has to follow the constitution to-marrow why should not we follow it from to-day and make your task easier. After all you are our leader and the job of the follower is to help the leader in executing his vision.

    Who should be asked first to do so ?

    I should ask myself. What is my problem to follow the constitution, which is crafted to give justice to all. Do I need to read and understand the constitution to obey the traffic rules, to pay my taxes , to behave responsibly in the society or to live with out snatching somebody’s right to live. Really not.

    I have a facility of covering my mistakes and also can escape punishment if get noticed. I can make a blanket out of money and under which I can execute and enjoy what ever my needs are. Who cares for the right or wrong. After all I live only once.

    Sorry I cant take part in change India. Changing India means curtailing my freedom of doing things which suits me and brings pleasure only to me.

    But haven’t I decided to be your follower. So before taking part in change India I will have to change myself. yes I will change myself.

    Have a successful journey ahead and build India where people can live with out fear of loosing what they have.

    Regards and best wishes.

  2. A wonderful concept backed by lucid thinking and grim determination. May the force be with you. Wld like to see if i can do my bit being a change agent with ur bandwagon.

  3. Dear Madappa,
    Glad you liked the Change India concept. You very well summarized the situation we all face in our daily lives. We need to decide what we want from ourselves and to give back to the society. I hope many will choose the right path. RK

  4. Dear Misraji,
    1. hearty congrats on the launch of this wonderful idea.
    2. Like you I am also looking fwd to make it workable at the earliest.
    3. A friend of mine has sent this mail to me on micro financing, would it interest you? Pl let me know:
    From: Prakash Prabhu
    Date: Feb 24, 2008 5:32 PM
    Subject: Mail to Mr Mishra (Lead India)

    As discussed, our Ganaseva technology platform has been built to serve multiple purposes primarily using technology to help rural masses. At a broad level, it enables the following:
    1. Building a Digital Information Infrastructure
    a. Enrolling the people with basic data along with biometric data
    b. Making this data available to the government in an online manner
    2. Issuing smartcards to the people. This would serve multiple purposes
    a. Smartcard with biometric and photograph will serve as an 'Identity' card
    b. Smartcard will enable the person to perform cashless financial transactions
    3. Technology platform for Micro Finance Institutions as well as serve bank's Rural banking initiatives
    a. Ganaseva enables Individual and Group based lending for MFIs
    b. Ganaseva provides an end-to-end solution for MFIs
    c. Ganaseva enables MFIs to digitize every step of their operational process thereby reducing costs and improving productivity
    d. Ganaseva provides a 'big bank's approach' to MFI in terms of technology platform
    4. Help Government minimize fraud and reduce costs in Pension / NREG distribution
    5. Help Government minimize fraud and reduce costs in Public Distribution System
    6. Help Primary Health Centers use technology to better serve rural masses
    Considering the various different initiatives our product helps to solve, It would be nice if we could meet Mr Mishra and present to him an overview of different possibilities. Do let me know. thank you


  5. Misraji first of all i would like to express my heartfelt Wishes n i Congradulate you for winning the National Competition "Lead India". I feel double Happy B'coz The way that they have followed for the selection n the level of competition in the national level was very much high as i perceive. I was observing the proceedings regularly, Really it was very nice competition. Also it was a nice competion between top intelectuals who has got success in their own field.

    I am very much interested in joining the "Change india" movement which is having the intension of improving the common mans life in Rural india. As it is rightly said by MAHATHMA GANDIJI The Development of INDIA can be seen through the Development of rural india i Strongly beleive in that n i want to improve the facilities to the Rural peopls of INDIA in terms of Education, Health, Transportation, Infrastructure.......

    As you have pointed out the educated n working professionals Stay away from the process of electing their representatives but they sit in a group they start comenting on the bad way of govrnance n wrong policies that comes out. instead they can be involved in the process n they should see that right kind of persons are elected. once it is done i think we can expect good governance n proper policies will come out.

    I am seroiusly thinking on all these matters n i got an excellent intelectual like you i am very much intersted in joinind this movement n become instrumental in Changing our nation The Great INDIA.

    I am Shivaramu B.E M.Tech Working as a Lecturer in on of the Premier Engg College in Bangalore.

    With Thanks n Regards


  6. Mr. Mishra,

    This is Sachin from Nagpur. First heartiest congratulations on you winning the Lead India contest.

    I am going to register in ChangeIndia soon and submit my ideas.

    There are many things which put me off in a great way but most times I just can't do anything. To list a few things:

    1. I simply hate almost everybody on the road chewing gutkha and spitting at will wherever they like.
    2. Police is corrupt and rude at almost any and every interaction with general public. Infact they feel they are gods and can do anything with anybody even if other person is a successful and respected businessman, doctor or any other respectable citizen.
    3. Govt. departments won't even issue birth or death certificates quickly without asking for bribe.
    4. Young kids returning from school and talking casually among themselves using abusive words which we only heard first when we became adults.
    5. Govt. started NDNC to stop unsolicited calls from telemarketing companies but it has remained a non-starter.
    6. Most. govt. departments either don't have email ids for their officers and in cases where there are email ids, nobody checks emails and you can't get a response. I think emails should be made a legal and important communication channel like a 'Registered Post' and should be taken as proof/ evidence in legal cases.

    I will try to be a change agent myself. Wish you all the best for whatever you are doing.

    I am an old blogger myself, you can visit my blog on mobile technology whenever you have some free time.

  7. Dear Mishraji
    congretulation to win lead India n startchange India.

    -I feel there should be one column in ballat paper' no body'
    As we are bound to elect in between NAG NATH n SANP NATH.
    -If 'nobody' found in majority all the contetant should be banned for 10 years.
    This will eradicate criminals to fight election.which is first n formost thing nowthedays.
    good luck

  8. Dear R K Mishra,

    Congrats on winning Lead India.

    I wasn't surprised that you took a stance with BIAL issue... but what surprised me was your support to keep HAL Airport open.

    I know and sure that I will also be affected with closure of HAL airport... but think about it...
    a. The Govt knew that BIAL would be opening soon... what measures have been taken by the Govt to ensure connectivity?
    b. If the courts allow HAL airport to be open even for few months (along with BIAL), do you still believe the connectivity will become better?
    c. What will happen to (infrastructure) investors who need to put in huge amounts of capital and the gestation period is long?
    d. Why raise a ruckus at the last moment - 1 month before the inauguration???

    No one invests for charity... even Govt is booking profits on their investments.

    If you had filed a case against the past CM's and the concerned officials for not taking the measures / doing their work (for which they are getting paid for) I would have gladly supported you... sure that they would have pulled up their socks and future projects may get implemented carefully or they will think 10 times before signing on the dotted line... if the court give some more time, they will take things in a lax manner and would still be under the impression that "sub kuch chaltha hai!!!"

    Lets join hands to change India

  9. Misraji

    PLEASE CALL ME ON 98450 63334

    my email id is

    Waiting for your call and looking forward to be with you over a cup of coffee/tea.
    I promise you will be thrilled by the project i have and I also promise that the impact of this project would be to leave a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of people in India.

    This project will create miracle and magic in the lives of physically constrained people

    Thank you

  10. dear r k,
    firstly we all need to have our mind set changed that we cannot change things, secondly in our day to day life we can bring about small small changes like if we see garbage thrown by our made try to educate them on how to dispose them,try to keep atleast the surrondings in your area clean once we get started with this then we can get into your main stream of change india.



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  12. Hello Mr.Mishra,
    One of the issues taking roots in the IT capital Bangalore is Racism against people who do not originally belong to Karnataka.
    Many of my friends and acquaintances have faced this and its getting serious day by day.
    I want to do something about this and educate the people to fight against greater issues of our country instead of these petty issues.
    I was faced with a similar incidence today. You can visit my blog at

    I want people to join hands so that we can get over these issues and feel that we are "Indians" first.

    Probably leader like you can channelize my ideas.

  13. Hello Mr. Mishra. Congratulations on getting selected to Lead India. There is some hope again!! I'm glad that there are now some platforms where the opinion of general public is seeked and considered. How much the opinions translate to action is what we got to wait and see. Hoping to see a changed India. Cheers!
    Shubha from Bangalore

  14. Congratulations Mishraji , I m really glad that a true leader came into existence.
    you r the real ideal for our middle class society. But i have seen several time "people get change after getting the authority. but i expect u will never change and u will keep doing the really worth thing which will be beneficial for our society .

  15. Congratulations Mishraji , I m really glad that a true leader came into existence.
    you r the real ideal for our middle class society. But i have seen several time "people get change after getting the authority. but i expect u will never change and u will keep doing the really worth thing which will be beneficial for our society .

  16. Dear Misraji,

    Congratulations and all the support for your noble endeavour to change our great nation and its political system.

    Just wondering how can we do that?? It has been deep rooted very corrupt system. We see uneducated Netas getting into politics and making wealth for their next N number of generations in just a short tenure. Good guys like Manmohan Singh etc. are absolute minority and though they are not corrupt, they cant stop the corruption. If they could stop corruption Rahul Gandhi didnt have to say - “My father used to say only 15 paise from every Rs 100 earmarked reached the people. I am saying only five paise reaches the ground.” Where does the remaining paise go?

    Please be really careful if you are thinking of joining any existing party. Please think how Amitabh Bachchan got sucked in the politics and realized the real world scenario after close friends dumped him!!

    Why can't you start a new party with all the lead india participants and THOUSANDS more who even applied for LeadIndia. Start from scratch, give a call to the nation & there wont be any lack of support!!!

    We are all there.

  17. Respected Sir,
    ALthough it does not matter but I would like to mention that you are my senior ( from the same campus of Kanpur ).So, in a way, you are bound to lend each one of us' ears.Your concept of democracy does sound fresh- if not fresh, it could ofcourse be called "needed".I will definitely be a part of your initiatives as it promises to make a differences.I heard sometime back from Harsha bhogle that India is a land of thinkers- and in his context that 'Everyone in India knows more cricket than you' still we lose in the world cups !! I would definitely like to take a shot at defying his prophecy.

  18. I hope I did not mean that I will bring the World cup for India

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  20. Sir, why no new posts from you?
    hwz your lead india campaign going on?

    no news from u after u have won the lead india campaign....its really disappointing.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Dear RK Sir,
    Its great that you are initiating the change India momentum. There are
    lot more youth/professions who may be willing to contribute little to
    this but not aware of this initiative. I feel it will be good If
    we can get little bit more closure to the professional institutions. If
    we can campaign this awareness in the IT parks and colleagues it will
    reach most of the youth who can really get some change.

    There are lot more small and common issues which we are passing every
    day want to do some thing but don't know how to start and hesitating
    there itself.


    1) First thing I can think of is pedestrian crossing near the busy
    junctions like near Marathalli Market area, ring road and near Baba
    ashram Railway bridge.. Etc.
    Always I think that we can raise the funds to get the things done
    instead of waiting for the govt to do. But how to initiate the things is always question. No Idea how much it costs how to approach and many other things...

    Plantation :
    One more concerning issue is cutting the trees, in this past 6 years I
    have seen many trees cut for road widening programs etc but no
    replacement for that, we can do some thing like "clean & Green"
    initiative taken in Andhra Pradesh by Chandrababu Naiyudu and
    "Sramadanam" programs where school childern and teachers and villagers
    participate in some work by the funds raised by govt and public.
    Plantation is one major issue.

    Water Scarcity: This is another big issue, massively we have to
    educate the people on usage of the water.
    How to increase the water level in the ground and reduce the wastage of
    water. Now a days it became a fashion that having tub in the bath rooms
    and private swimming pools etc I feel this should be cut. If one person
    uses 5 buckets of water to take bath instead of 1 from we can get the
    water ??. All natural resources are also becoming the rich mans.

    School fees : There are no regulation on the school fee. I am surprised
    to see no school in the range of <50k PA for Kinder garten kids in East
    B'lore. How can we control this issue??. How to regulate this ??


  23. Dear Mishraji,
    I am Amitabh Thakur, your batch-mate at IIT/K. I had sent you an e-mail congratulating you and asking for your phone no.
    It seems the mail did not come to your notice.
    I congratulate you once again and request you again to send the phone no.
    Amitabh Thakur,
    S P Intelligence,
    # 94155-34526

  24. Dear Mishraji
    Good Morning. I am still waiting for your replies to my letters to you written months ago. I am an admiror of your ideas and services you have been rendering to the society.
    Please find time to reply my letters. Also look into

  25. Hello Mr. Misra,

    I was wondering since the Karnataka assembly elections are on, did you consider contesting from one of the constituencies in Bangalore. Considering u are from Bangalore and went on to win the Lead India contest. I guess it would have given you a platform to work from

  26. Dear Mr Misra,
    We are sure you have enough on yu hands..but we need advise. Could you guide us: We need to know if there is a monitoring authority for residential schools in India.Like PFA exists for food outlets,RBI for Banks monitoring...who audits residential schools? In government and from outside?

    2.We would like to work towards promoting solar energy use for street lighting across India. We have so much Sun and yet we use expensive electricity to light our roads n streets..

    How best can we go about doing this?


  27. Hi Sir,

    Even I was thinking of starting one community on same line n then i find I felt its waste to start same thing coz it just divide people thinking on same line...where we have to bring them together to make the change significant.I have already registered at

    I think we need to promote it fast coz there are so many people thinking of making change but reakky donot find a platform.And i think through change india they will find that platform.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Dear Sir,

    I am a reader from the Philippines. We are hoping to start a Lead Philippines campaign patterned after the Lead India initiative. Can you forward to me the names and contact information of the persons who started the initiative so that we can ask his/her guidance on how we can do the same in our country.

    You see, our country is in desperate situation and I hope you can help us even in this small way.

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  31. Hi.. we do are ready for a change.and we are very happy to see that you are also doing the same with similar kind of approach.. We have formed a group with others through various Social Networking Sites and have come out with a Solution which can really Transform India. We have emailed you our Idea which is almost on the same lines as of your. However we feel that there are many things which has to be taken care of and felt that we can together bring a Change and take this movement to the next level. We do want to meet you, at least the members who are staying in bangalore and are waiting for your reply.
    We have called this as the "TRANSFORM INDIA MOVEMENT" and our motto is "Unite and Bring a Change"

  32. I don’t think political parties are going to deny tickets to criminals this time over, or not accept black money or pay any real heed to election laws. Political cynicism , double speak, and a deeply flawed election process, that enables the corrupt & criminal elements victory thru disregard for law, an election commission that will white wash over the scum, and on the result day a press that will sing soulful paeans to the great individual vote of the greatest democracy, will hardly lead to any real change. We will be there too watching, the eternally befooled and eternal cynics.

    Just blogging here won’t do, and getting out the responsible vote won’t change things fast enough, forcing many of us to continue to live a fairly dehumanized existence in the hands of an unjust system.

    Though media is aggressively leading the movement for change, what is really is glaring is the non participation of civil society & religious organisations, the two forces that have in the west worked along with the media to take rouge institutions to task and make them accountable. Our corporate titans, who think they are world beaters, have very little to say on such issues. Taking on the system is definitely bad for their bottom lines. Strangely our pursuit of religion does not seem to do anything for our resolve to follow the righteous way, let alone give us the courage stand up to all sorts of “anyaya” (injustice) around us. Nor do our many religious Gurus, most of them savouring the obeisance of the powerful and the moneyed, wish to extend the religious righteous path they teach to the everyday social context of every person. Absolving the guilty of their guilt or managing their disciples’ future seems to be the current area of expertise.

    We can’t be happy with a few symbolic victories against the Muttalik’s , helped on immensely by the media. These people are still there, alive, kicking & planning their next move, supported by the state. They are the ones the oppressive system needs to help them stay in power; your and my vote may not have much value here as they can mobilize millions. And quite reasonably they will want their pound of flesh again once the job is done. As we want Pakistan to dismantle the terror infrastructure directed towards the citizens here, we should get political parties, includes the leadership & cadres, police & the bureaucracy, to dismantle their anti citizen infrastructure too. We want empowered Lok-Ayukts , not the media farce that it is now , a humane , efficient & professional police force, an fair and quick judicial process and a meritocracy for a bureaucracy.

    Am not too sure if just talking about it, or voluntary part time movements is the way to right the situation wrong in most ways. We have all seen, for years ordinary citizens, single handled, fighting murder cases of their kin’s against the politically powerful & the moneyed. It is heartening to see that there are among us with the will to fight injustice and collective oppression of the system against all odds till the very end. I believe there are many others too here, disgusted with their daily meek capitulation to the unjust system, who are looking for a way out.

    What follows is a broad suggestion; we need more and specific ideas to make it work. We need to create a unified citizens voice and act in unison, untiringly. We need to contribute time & money to organisations that are working to contain the corrupt criminal, politician babu nexus that rules our lives today.

    We need to identify important tasks need to dismantle the oppressive infrastructure, coordinate the action, and make steady incremental gains till the tide that drowns honest citizens to despair is reversed. Enabled by technology and supported by media, we need to develop and sustain a citizens manned and managed support system that helps in tackling the corrupt and unjust politician, police, bureaucrats etc. There are individuals fighting the corrupt oppressive system, organisations fighting for civil rights, RTI activists, we all need to come together contribute our skills , financially and more importantly our uncompromising will to tackle the menace that dehumanizes and debases us daily.

    We are all forced to pay bribes for petty tasks. Why can’t we pay a voluntary Rs. 100 per month to create a professionally managed real time support structure which fights for our collective causes, is always there for us, and where can go in time of need? However we must be careful not to be selfish here, we must give before we partake & give far more that we may ever need for ourselves, creating a bank for others. We need celebrities, sports persons, the retired, bureaucrats, police persons, armed forces personnel, practising and retired professionals, house wives, farmers , NGOs , persons from all walks of lives to contribute. Forums like Lead India & Change India make it possible now, more than ever to raise our voices, plan and coordinate our actions to a better India.

    We need to organize into a new political party that will change the face of India. Thelka, was resurrected did it with financial support from some brave socially responsible Indians. As it is, media is doing a great job today & the technology is there for fast communication. I am sure many such people there among us, who want real change fast and want to contribute as well financially, effort on the ground or both. There are many a brave individual fighting the powerful and the corrupt in courts, organisations fighting for civil rights, RTI activists etc. We all need to organize, contribute our skills, financially and more importantly our uncompromising will to tackle the menace that dehumanizes and debases us daily. Such selfless people are there among us. What they & people who vote for them need is assurance we will make a difference. We need to organize effectively into a self less, clean, merit based political organisation & face the challenges squarely


I encourage you to share your views.