Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 most IMPORTANT issues for Election-2009

To choose your 5 most important issues for Elections-2009 please go to - Change India has access and has put-in resurces to work with and make these issues the agenda of 2 national parties - BJP and Congress.

My 5 most important issues for Elections-2009 are Economy, Terrorism, Rural Poverty, Infrastructure & Reforms.

Economy -
UPA inherited a boom economy from NDA and all the hard work and reforms during NDA regime yielded 4 years of unprecedented economic growth. UPA did not make use of this unprecedented opportunity to reduce revenue and fiscal deficits, create a safety net for unorganized sector and given a thrust to infrastructure.

Unfortunately none of this was done. Now we are in an unprecedented global economic slowdown with fiscal deficit reaching around 12% of GDP (Center & States Combined) and we have no money left to pump prime the economy without causing a debt trap. UPA has completely mismanaged the economy and wasted the golden opportunity it had.

Terrorism/Border Security-
UPA's record on terrorism and border security has been a disaster and we need not say much about this area. Intelligence agencies have become puppets in the hands of politicians to spy on opponents, defense agencies do not act on intelligence inputs, no one is held accountable (I have not hard of any official being fired or suspended post 26/11, of course Home Minister was a non-entity anyway) and weak laws have made it impossible to punish terrorists.

Rural Poverty -
NREGA scheme, a good initiative has failed miserably with only 16 days of actual work being provided where money was spent for 100 days worth of work. This is as per the CAG report - a Government of India oversight institution. NREGA anyway is just a temporary measure to give rural poor some work of digging some pits and ponds, just to keep them alive. No effective steps have been taken by UPA to revive rural economy to provide long term sustainable employment and non-agri income generation opportunities in rural India.

Infrastructure -
NDA had visionary infra initiatives of Golden Quadrilateral and NHDP programs in road sector. Telecom reforms, airport and port privatization were the most visible infra initiatives of NDA.

UPA slowed all these programs. GQ is still incomplete. In fact a 'very capable' Minister of Surface Transport has changed 5 Chairmen of NHAI in last 2 years as they did not (could not) comply, since NDA had drafted NHAI act, which does not allow the minister to do what he feels like (?), so he tried changing Chairmen and when that also did not work, he just stopped the work.

Compare this with Mr. Khanduri (NDA Minister), the cleanest politicin you will ever come across and a task master. He was Mr. Vajpayee's choice.

We all know what UPA ministers have done in Telecom. Selling precious GSM spectrum at throw away prices to their favorite companies. 3G is still a dream.

JNNURM was a good initiative to improve urban infrastructure, but here again UPA miserably failed in delivery. No effective oversight mechanism was put in place.

Political/Economic/Judicial Reforms -
UPA has not been able to carry out any reforms, economic or political. They blamed left for economic reforms but there was no desire to do anything on political reforms either. Congress's own leader Mr. Veerappa Moily has drafted a wonderful report on administrative and political reforms but it just remains that, a report.

Judicial reforms are a crying need. Crores of court cases are pending, judges have come under suspicion and we have executive and judiciary clashing so very often. This is not a healthy situation. No party or coalition has spoken openly about this, but we must address this issue.

I give my VOTE to BJP/NDA for this election.

Mr. Advani is the most experienced leader in the country today. He is simple, approachable and is willing to listen. He has grass root understanding of the country, acquired over 70 years of political activities. He has visited and interacted with the people from every nook and corner of the country to understand our nation of great complexity and diversity.

All BJP/NDA Chief Ministers (Gujarat, MP, Orissa, Bihar, Chattisgrah, Uttarakhand & Rajasthan) have done great development work with good governance in their respective states and have got re-elected (except Rajasthan where in-fighting let BJP down).

BJP has internal democracy where even Mr. Advani can be questioned. There is no high command culture and there is no sycophancy. You don't need to be loyal to a family to be recognized nor do you have to have a fancy surname to become a leader.

Though chaotic at times (all democracies are chaotic as all are allowed to express their opinion), BJP/NDA had done a great job during their 5 year tenure from 1999-2004. They brought about visionary ideas (GQ, Privatization, PGSY, River Linking, Telecom & Insurance Reforms) and implemented them with vigor and sincerity. They lost in 2004 because of their city centric election campaign and poor electoral alliances.

So for me, it is BJP/NDA this time.



  1. Aren't you being too biased here? You completely missed out on the Nuclear Deal which is definitely a shining feather in UPA's cap. I am not a UPA or a NDA fan. In fact, I feel that both the groups are pretty much the same with few sane guys on both the sides but still they are very far from what is needed. Blindly supporting one of the groups isn't going to make a difference. Instead, we should try to pose questions to these parties and the answers should be super specific, something that can be monitored objectively. Things like "we will implement policies for benefit of farmers" won't do. We have been hearing it for all along. I want to hear something like "We will cut the long supply chain from farm to consumer from 100's steps to maximum of 3.". It is not too tough to do this. And the result will be more money in the hands of farmers, improved efficiency of the economy. I want following promises from the parties.

    1. Within 100 days, we will enable businesses to sign farm contracts directly with the farmers (definitely with regulations). And allow them to take the farm produce directly to retail stores, eliminating the in-efficient middle-men.

    2. Double the number of medical colleges in 5 years. Pay good salaries to the professors here. The target should be to have 10 times more beds in public hospitals in next 10-20 years. This will improve the health of the society in general, but the biggest effect I expect is the population control. Yes! population control. The population explosion in recent years is more because of the lack of medical facilities. Currently, the feeling in the rural/poor society is that they need to have 10 children so that even if 6-7 die they are left with some. Such is the confidence of society on the health infrastructure.

    3. Open more schools similar to Navodaya Vidyalayas. These schools have given a lot to the society in terms of national integrations and uniform development. A lot more of these primary/secondary schools are needed where rural students are provided boarding facilities and also sent across the country to see the varies culture of the country.

    4. Energy: Allocate 10 times more budget to the development of renewable energy (Do you know that India is already ranked 4th in wind power generation. India today has the opportunity of becoming the next generation energy superpower). Increase the budget of the research on thorium based nuclear reactors.

    5. Defense: Make a law that every company that gets a contract will have to do 50% of the manufacturing in India (would want to push it to 90% in next 20-30 years). India has many capable groups like Tatas and Mahindras. The 50% thing will develop the defense industry in India and will make India less dependent on foreign countries. In addition to improving the domestic industry, this will reduce the importance of "arms market in the region" in international politics (The US and Russia are the biggest beneficiaries of the rivalry between India and Pakistan. The more the problems between the two neighbors the more these guys profit by selling over-priced arms to both the countries. How can they let this market go away by working on improving the relations between the two countries).

  2. The River Linking Project was really a superb one and we definitely need to revive it.

  3. I feel your thoughts are totally inclined towards BJP.
    Terrorism/Internal Security:
    Remember Kandhar happened during the BJP era and India always had some spots, diffuclt to bridge.

    Godhra/ Babri majzid are issues of communal violence that BJP has drafted and executed.

    I am not for Congress but your blind support to BJP has disappointed me.

  4. I might have sounded biased and I do not agree with everything BJP does.

    Nuclear Deal certainly was a good step, though some experts still feel that US may STOP the supply of fuel if our relations go sour - HYDE ACT etc, but I believe that Nuclear Deal gave India a place on World High Table and I commend Congress & SP (I think finally it was our PM who did it) for it.

    But Congress has played this Minority Appeasement game for 60 years and I feel Muslims would have been in a much better state without this. This has also created huge resentment among majority community leading to communal flares. Hindus and Muslims have lived together for centuries and majority always protected and lived in harmony with minority. But Vote Bank politics of minority appeasement has created a communal divide which has become a permanent feature now and is growing.

    I also find Sycophancy, Family Loyalty and High Command culture of congress inhibiting internal democracy and growth of popular leadership in the Congress. Can you think of any self made leader in congress surviving without having loyalty to Gandhi family. Nothing wrong with family worship, but parties without internal democracy weaken over time. Rahul is trying to change the situation but congressment are too used to sycophancy to change.

    Can you imagine anyone challenging Rahul Gandhi even if Rahul wanted him/her to do so. It is cultural problem of congress. I like what Rahul says and is doing, but this dynastic culture is weakening the congress party I feel.
    I may be wrong though. Only time will tell.

    Yes, Terrorism is a problem and NDA too had terror attacks, but they tried to address these by tightening border controls and enacting strict laws. Congress repealed the laws immediately to appease the minorities.

    Even Batala encounter was questioned. Jamia dean is fighting on behalf of terrorists. This is really a dangerous trend.

    Post 26/11 UPA brought 2 laws in 2 weeks. This is surprising. If the laws were ready, why did they wait for 26/11 to happen?

    How about education? Mr. Arjun Singh has made a mess of education and reservation.
    Telecom - huge scandal- GSM licenses were given at throwaway prices. Highways - disaster. NREGA - only Rs. 16 out of 100 went to people.
    Scandals, Corruption and nepotism is at its peak. I work with people who are close to the govt so I do get to hear some stories.

    We need to judge the govt on its performance and I find UPA wasted the golden period of high economic growth.

    This opportunistic attitude of Congress is what bothers me. Since 3rd front will be a bigger disaster, I prefer BJP.


  5. I can't help but agreeing you on the points, The UPA government has made a mess of a lot of things. Specially, the telecom spectrum, the river linkage, the golden quadrilateral.

    I don't agree with some BJP/NDA ideologies as well, but yet again they seem to be doing good. The only flaw with BJP it seems is they entirely lack a middle level leadership.

  6. Hello, I remember to have voted you during the campaign as it was for the first time people like me felt that there is ray of hope coming up with feeling that India is going to get a leader. You did it. Now there are more hopes. Issues selected are definitely apt to the given situation. Your efforts are visible. Some time we read some thing about you in news paper and we feel good about it. However, the task is herculian which we know and you know it better than us. I am also a part of national movement in which we are trying to correct economic systems. We know the main hurdle is politicians in any change process. CHANGE India is the need of the hour, not only for India but for world peace. India has always been a fore runner when it comes to peace issues. I have following suggestions. (a) you must arrange a meet with all bloggers on a decided date (b) let there be a concrete ageda of the meet. (c) the meeting place should be Delhi and can be an open meeting. (d) you can join hands with `Bharat Swabhiman` lanuched by Ram Dev Baba and call participants in this mission to come for this meet through your sources. (e) you can also take efforts to make art of living representatives to be a part of meeting.(f) U then can approch Dr. abdul kalam, Dr. Jayant Narlikar, Dr (Mr& Mrs) Bang, Kiran Bedi, Sunita Narayan of CSE, some journalists who are like minded. Let govt get a feel of a CHNAGE. (g) Then in the meeting we will create a CHARTER OF DEMAND as done by union leaders.Let it be signed by all leaders whose names are mentioned above and be submitted to central ministry. And let there be any party coming to center, we will keep on working on our CHARTER OF DEMANDS. The govt which wont do that will be PULLED DOWN. I am sure the time you declare this, your dream will start coming true. You will get representatives like me who would spend time in making people aware abt this mission. By now you must have a great network developed. All taken together CHANGE PROCESS will take place (I do not see you as biased). I have tried to have open communication. Eager to read you on this.

  7. I agree with Sunil as he suggested that you must arrange a meet with all bloggers with a concrete agenda i agree with almost all of his views but i think we dont have that many resources now to take it to that level. So what i suggest is let there be a meet and be a CHARTER OF DEMAND but let us do it in a couple of states first so that we can use our resources well enuough to let know the people about this noble cause. Then We will take the movement forward in the coming years because people will be already aware of the change that has taken place in these states...Hope to hear from you

  8. RK! I agree that Congress has played minority appeasement for all these 60 years. But what will you say when BJP came out supporting Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur and Lt-Col Prasad Srikant Purohit? Majority appeasement?? Why can't BJP really remain secular if they want to be so? To me BJP looks a little more promising than Congress but they definitely need a lot of reform. BJP should move ahead of Ram Temple issue. Also, it should sever ties with all the goondas and criminals.

    RK, I completely agree with Sunil's suggestion of coming up with a "Charter of Demand". We should not foolishly support any party this time. It would be superb if few eminent people could come up with a list of demands (say 50 in number) and then we can go parties and ask them how much can they fulfill.

  9. Amit and Raiser,

    Thank u for yr comments. Its a matter of carrying a single but most effective thread to make RK's movement more meaningful and actions more productive. Only blogging wont help is the experience. I am actually waiting to listen to RK on the comments so that we get further clarity. Unless LEADER accepts we cannot go ahead with the concepts however good they may be. Once we decide on say CHARTER OF DEMANDS, then we can draft and put it on vote on blogs, mails and even in printed and electronic media. We then collect data of all those who respond and ask them to come together to have a final Charter Of Demand. This should happen before real campaigning takes place for parliament elections. Then the movement in real sense would begin.

  10. Any further thoughts on this "Charter of Demands" thing? Remember we have less that two months to go for polls.

  11. "I give my VOTE to BJP/NDA for this election."

    Boy, TOI must be so pissed! ;-)

  12. advani is good but Narendra Damodardas Modi would have been a much better choice, IMHO.(even with non-acceptable among NDA allies).

  13. Folks,
    Amit, Sunil & Hell Raiser :) (you folks have cool names). I will admit that I am not an avid blogger and hence the delay. Also I am extremely busy with upcoming elections and lot of work I do in rural UP and Bangalore.

    I post my thoughts so that folks like you who are a BIG FORCE and Opinion Makers, can spread the message.

    I agree, blogging alone will not help and neither shouting from outside.

    We must enter the house if we want to clean it. I also believe that regional and fringe parties do more harm than good to our democracy.

    Hence my belief is that we must strengthen national parties - BJP and Congress. Both have positives and each of us should choose which has more positive from your own personal assessment and view point.

    Please read my today's article. This will give some insight.

    I may be joining one of the national parties and would do my bit to CHANGE them so that they can appeal and align with the THINKING CLASS - the Middle India. Please give your thoughts on this article.

    BLOGGERS' Meet - I am based in BLR and travel to all cities. Lets start with a Bloggers Meet in BLR, then in Bombay, Delhi and other cities. I am happy to arrange the logistics, but I want you all to lead this effort and get Blobgers on one platform and lets meet PHYSICALLY to exchange thoughts.

    Please write to me at and lets take it forward.

  14. I think you missed the chance to become a change agent by joining a party. you please remember the party you joined in Karnataka is run by mining lobby. Whole government is dancing to the tune of Bellary.
    It is quite difficult for people like me who voted for you in LeadIndia; to watch clippings with Yudiyurappa who is acting as a leader for Lingayat community. After the election, i feel your voice will be lost in BJP policitics. You lost a chance to become a catalyst for change..

  15. Hi Rajendra, I fully agree with your views.

    THE only logical people (however idiotic, corrupt, etc) to vote for right now, for the country, to go on peacefully is the BJP.

    Read the following to know the reasons to throw away Congress led UPA Govt.

    Lets have a look at where the TAX we pay is MISUSED by CONGRESS GOVT.
    1) Do you know what 1Crore looks like? I mean just how many zeroes it has?
    Rs 87153.12 crores is missing as reported in chapter-2 of Comptroller & Auditor Generals report, an official government agency ( And this is just for the years 2007-09! Over the years, how much of our money has been stolen from us?
    This is OUR money folks. What we paid this government as tax! Where have they put it? There is simply no answer forthcoming!
    2) Aid of Rs 3000 crores to Afghanistan for economic reconstruction. This includes 150 bullet-proof watch towers, 2,500 protective vests, and a lot of mine clearing equipment. Bullet proof watch towers and protective vests are economic reconstruction?

    3) The absolutely pathetic state of the educational infrastructure of all government run institutions hits one right in the face. Now while education systems are in doldrums, our government gives out money to Harvard and Cambridge universities! How much money? To the tune of Rs 50 crores!

    Now have a look at how CONGRESS is promoting TERRORIST activities in INDIA.

    1) Remember the Mumbai train blasts? Well, around that time India gave financial aid to Pakistan for earthquake relief… Rs 150 crores of it! (Aid to the ones responsible for blast!!!)

    2)While Pakistan and some other islamic nations are closing down their madressas, there is talk of granting CBSE status to Islamic madressas in India (about half a million in number). This will ensure that we don’t just have corrupt thugs ruling us, we will have well trained jihadi terrorists in the parliament AND the bureaucracy!

    3) Congress led UPA government has decided to give pension and jobs to the families of all Kashmiri terrorists who were killed. No help for the Indian soldiers and citizens who have been killed by the terrorists. They say they are being “humane”!! Not for the families of the army people who were killed… not for the families of the kashmiris who were massacared…

    This has to stop. Before India becomes the new Saudi of the planet.

    And any government that takes decisions like these needs to be kicked out of power. I don’t think even resilient India will ever be able to recover if the present government comes back to power this year.


    This year, every responsible citizen of this country needs to get out there and vote. And vote for change.

    At this crucial time, it's the responsibility of we people, to make our fellow citizen aware of what is happening in India under the rule of Congress.....

  16. Hello guys,

    I seldom blog but just by off chance viewed this blog. I have liked the arguments given here but no posts after elections.
    Probably mourning the results like me. Well, the only silver lining now is Bharat Swabhiman trust.
    Have a look at it folks.

  17. hi sir ,namaste,i am an civil engg student,may the technics of hw were u studying ,as u studied in iit kanpur right??

  18. sir,being an technical student ,wt was the inspiration of u towards politics


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