Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Secret's Out- US & Europe Hunt Swiss accounts, how about India Dr. Singh?

The Secret's Out: Can Swiss Banking Adapt to Scrutiny?

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  1. if india really wants to play a bigger role in world..first of all india should strengthen itself..we have problems of corruption, naxalites,etc.we have about 50% population below poverty can india under estimate these things.look at china,it has first become a very strong nation and now it is enjoying its power and influence throughout the south asia as well as in is right that we are the largest democracies but it is also true that we are most corrupt country,,so if we really want to be the global power ,we should first counter the inner problems of the present scenario, china and pakistan are targeting india by various ways.on the one side, pakistan is funding terrorism to india on the other side china is funding maoists to weaken india.we have about 100 districts in india which are governed by maoists.india should first of all,solve these problems,because if we neglect these issues,it will be more difficult to handle in future.


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