Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Urban India is craving for Good Candidates & Value Based Politics - Mission 2014!

While in UP, I had the opportunity to meet & discuss with many people from different walks of life. Most educated people, specially young professionals, felt the need for a new political platform, where focus is on identifying & fielding GOOD Candidates. Most parties in these elections have fallen back on time tested Formula of fielding a supposedly WINNABLE candidate irrespective of his credentials or abilities. Since they didn't want to abstain from exercising their franchise, people were forced to choose from among the candidates who have criminal & corrupt antecedents. Some symbolic EDUCATED professionals were also fielded, mainly in the cities by SP & other parties but majority of these were sons & daughters of tainted politicians & bureaucrats. Nonetheless people were exited about these EDUCATED candidates. Their logic was that parents of these candidates have made enough money so hopefully educated kids will focus on the governance. SAD, but people live on hope in absence of credible options. Cities seem to be ready & looking forward to a NEW POLITICAL provide VALUE BASED POLITICS.....with GOOD CANDIDATES...That should be Mission 2014!

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  1. We have taken up this cause at nextGen India Network.

    We are helping 2 candidates in the coming MCD elections


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