Wednesday, October 10, 2007

About Myself

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my professional career.
I founded and acquired three technology businesses, raised venture funds and made successful exits.

In late 2005, I took time off from corporate role to advise entrepreneurs, invest as an Angel Investor and work in Public Policy Domain with various government and industry organizations.

Education -
IIT Kanpur - 85-89 (B Tech.)
Tokyo University - 89-91 (MS)

Professional -
Kajima corporation - Tokyo(91-95)

Entrepreneurial -
96-98 - Tekelec India - Subsidiary of Tekelec USA -

98-01 - Acquired Tekelec India, Renamed as Tenet Technologies

2001 - Raised PE from Citi Corp, NY

2003 - Sold Tenet to Hughes (which was acquired by Flextronics and subsequently KKR)

2005 - Took Time off from corporate roles

Other Ventures/Investments –
99-00 - India's first Travel Portal – Traveljini, which was sold to - ICICI Ventures

2006- Organic food business -

2007 - A DELI venture -

2006 ~ Few Other Technology/Alternate Energy Ventures

Industry & Government -
Founder Trustee – SAHYOG – Indian Council for Public Private Partnership (ICPPP)

CII- South – Co-Chair - Infrastructure & Convener– SUMINFRA-2007

Member – Empowered Committee on Infrastructure – Govt. of Karnataka

Advisor – Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood, Govt of Rajasthan

Charitable Initiatives –
Charter President – Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor (Dist – 3190)

Founder Trustee - Pragati Charitable Trust - An Environment Conservation Initiative


  1. Dear Misraji! Strength to you.. Your track record on the tech career side is impressive and you have already had an auspicious beginning to your life in serving the public. I wish you the very best & promise to provide issue based support to your causes (do not believe in "blind-faith" politics of today).
    - Anuj

  2. Thanks Anuj :-) Agree with you..

  3. Hi Misraji, its great that you have been chosen the Finalist for Lead India. I also had a glance on your report published in TOI today, which grossly spoke about Bangalore's crumbling infrastructure. Your writing potrays only about IT/BT and not the rest, India being a country where we have 70% population working in fields, we have no concerns towards the Annadataa. Every now & then we read in paper, see in TV that a farmer hangs himself in some corner of the country. I think a leader is a person who thinks and develops all the domains together and not concentrate on one domain(IT/BT) and think development from a grass root level. If i think all this then Lead India looks like farce, as it is limited only to certain section of people.

  4. Dear Ravi,
    Truly appreciate your concern and agree with you. I am a very small person with very limited influence and first opportunity I got to prove myself was to do something in Bangalore, which happens to be an IT/BT city. We have to start somewhere to get noticed and make a difference. Good roads for Bangalore is not a bad thing :-).

    However, as you would have noticed that in my article, urban-rural divide is the the 1st of the 3 Most Importnat issues facing the nation. I have mentioned about the plight of rural poor and the reaons for that. I have suggested Non-Agri jobs to be created in rural areas so that dependence of rural population on agriculture is reduced as agriculture alone can not sustain the rural population's livelihood.

    I have also put this idea of mine in practice in Rajasthan where I am bringing government and industry together to create non-agri jobs by training rural population in the areas of their skill and competence - Rajasthan is known for Handicraft and carpet making, block printing, tourism and hospitality.

    As per our plan, industry is training rural youth in these areas, providing tools, looms and also buying back their produce.

    Hope this model will be successful and can be replicated by other states too.

    R K Misra

  5. Dear Mr Misra,
    We have started a blog for all the 8 Lead India Finalists and it has already gone live. We were wondering if you would be interested in sending out some content that we can put up on the blog? If you could please have a look at the blog and do get in touch with us if you are interested.
    Thank you.

  6. Our Govt machinery or "system" works on the following salient points:
    1. Job for life.
    2. No transparency and accountability - at least not for the public.
    3. You get paid whether you do your work or not.

    Being from the corporate sector, you understand more than anyone else, that this "system" is bound for failure anywhere on this planet, i.e. it is not india centric, because you can see many private sector outfits (in India) running efficiently, while maintaining social responsibility.

    This virus, allows the politicians, industrialists and mafia to misuse the Govt to get them to do their bidding - and the public is just a piggy bank for their dubious schemes.

    Due to this virus, today the Govt delivery mechanism is completely broken. The bucket has massive holes, that drains whatever is poured into it and little to nothing reaches the intended recipients.

    Little wonder that India's social indices are comparable to countries in sub-sahara region, despite massive allocations year after year.

    Times LeadIndia allocation is 100 lacs for 8 top leaders..which is 0.0125% of the Govt allocation of 64000 crores in the social sector alone.

    Do you have any ideas on how to fight this "virus" that has infected our institutions such that almost nothing gets done despite crores of allocation?

    Why is it that we even expect the Govt to delivery anything, given that the "root of the problem" is intact and not being discussed leave alone getting addressed.

    Pls answer to the point and not in generalizations like "if we all fight we can win this battle" etc, because we (citizens) have pretty much no forum to fight on. And pls don't tell me that the situation is "not that bad" - I live in Pune; and the municipality can't even build proper pavements (just one example), when pavements and roads built by ancient Indians / Romans are still intact, today.

    Will look forward to your ideas and comments.

    PS: I am not trying to put you on the spot, just want to know what ideas you have to deal with this menace.

  7. Born somewere,eating somewere,shining somewere.....
    UPTO DAY MY friends,relatives 1400 voted for you- all the best

  8. Dear Mr. Misra,

    This is such a fantastic initiative - may your tribe increase.
    All the very best,
    Warm Regards
    Aditi Vyas

  9. Dear Misraji,
    Congrats ! on winning Lead India initiative.

    I'm a struggling entrepreneur from IIT, working to bring about a revolution in the educational space in terms of easy access to education for the rural people through use of niche & trendy technology.
    I'm seeking Investor and Advisor for the same and would be more than glad to have u into my venture in which I have put in all my funds. I'm here to make this a SUCCESS ! in any case.

    Please let me know if you (or anyone here) would be interested in providing a helping hand to me here.


  10. What is your address? I wish to meet you.


  11. Hi Mishra sir, First of al I want to congratulate u on winning the lead India Initiative. And I appreciate this system.

    Sir when I was in training I saw this program and got fan of U and Mr. Nanawati .

    Sir I want u to spare some moments for me. I want to tell u about me, I a soldier of India. I m serving for my country but somewhere in my heart is to serve for my villagers also, I don,t want to live for me only. Tomorrow if I m not on the earth only my work will be counted.

    I want to divert your mind in Indian development section. A great requirement of a normal family is electricity & water. As I m concern to Uttar Pradesh (Ballia), from where Shri Chandrasheker who a prime minister of India, he did nothing for Ballia, When I m comparing to Reabareily development program, which is constituency of Sonia Gandhi, Ballia is nothing. But I want to tell u sir, that castewise politics finished to Uttar Pradesh. This was a single problems area like this thousands of more are in queue.

    Keeping all in my mind I want to start a dairy co-operative program, which will help every one to get financially free. At least they will not leave their family & home

    When I joined defence in 1999 since then I m trying to start this but unable due to lack of knowledge and financial problems. But when I know about yr future plan in dairy field. In fact this plan will help me to be financially free and for them also to get jobs at their home town. Sir I want yr help in knowledge how to get start. And how’s yr project is going on. On my next leave I m about to visit Sonari Village. And will learn more.

    Before end I request to you, sir if u want to share something to me plz mail me at my address, this will motivate me and will help me keep moral high, so plz send me at ( and

    Sir I will be in touch with u always with this system.


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