Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Would Mahatma be a political force in today's context ?

In the history of post independent India, NOW is the time when the Mahatma, a true leader and social reformer, will be the most potent political force.

India of TODAY is a nation of YOUNG. More than 50% of our population is below 25 years of age. The youth of today is ambitious, responsible and proud be an Indian. He wants to be relevant and be counted. He is looking for an identity and ideology.

Who should he/she look up to?

Unfortunately our political leadership has been self serving and in the process dividing the nation on regional, religious and caste basis. They have failed to enthuse and inspire our youth. Only vested interests, political dynasties and anti-social elements are attracted to politics as a profession for obvious reasons.

Our youth have stopped believing in the political process and are resigned to the fact that things are not going to change. Most do not even vote because they feel that there is very little to choose from among the candidates as they all belong to the same discredited political class.

Mahatma Gandhi, a great leader and uniting force for the nation, was respected as he kept the nation’s interest above his own, which is missing in today’s political context. He scarificed his personl life and material comfort to serve the nation.

The Mahatma would be able to enthuse and inspire the youth of today, who is responsible and willing to contribute but has become disenchanted and disillusioned.

How do we create Modern Day Mahatma ??


  1. Dear Sir,
    It is heartening to know that at last someone like you is involved in the building of roads and other allied systems. I hope the city fathers use yr experience to the fullest. I hv a few points to bring to yr notice.

    1) There are many roads newly laid which leave about 3-4 feet of fud on either side; why? It defeats the entire purpose because deterioration starts there, apart from numerous other problems.

    2) Tannery road is one of the main artrial roads from the city to the ring road. It is highly congested with public and private transport. Yet its condition is pathetic; why has this impor tant road been so neglected?

    3) Referring to the ring road between Hennur junction and Nagawara junction I see about 12 women sweeping the mud from the sides of the road - maybe its being done all along the ring road?? Why?

    4) The dividers in between are not maintained - footpaths all over the city are in miserable condition, also garbage collection and drainage.

    I think that this is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Your article in the TOI dt. 12th Oct. says it all. I truly wish you all the best.

    Herbert Noronha

    163-164 Hoysala Layout
    A.C. Post, Thanisandra
    Bangalore 560 045

    Tel: 28444148

  2. Dear Misra-Ji,

    Congratulations for making it this far. Have been following the Lead India campaign closely and like the way you have expressed your views on the form of government that we need, growth issues and other such things.

    Being an entrepreneur and active member of PPP you could certanly play a vital role in re-building the nation. All the best!

    Question - There so many complex things and tasks, how would you like to address those with limited resources and which ones will be your first priority for the intial period? How would you make sure that the common man's problems are heard and resolved within the required time frame? Are you going to lean on some voluntary organizations or plan to make your own?

  3. Dear Herbert,
    Thank you so much. Specific to the road - Tannery Road, I would suggest that you along with Resident Welfare Association of the area, make a petition to BMP commissioner. With Governor rule, things are bit better.
    I will talk to him as well.
    Ring Road is a mess. I have given suggestion to completely transform the road but they are doing piece-meal work on my suggestions by just putting some fly-overs. They just do not know the words like integrated planning. Really sad..

  4. Dear Observer,
    I do work with some NGOs and will be happy to talk to others/individuals. Best way to me is self help. Just push the officials through resident welfare associations for civic problems.
    Common man does not need to think of himself as a HELPLESS soul. We do not raise issues due to lack of time and fear of unkown procedures etc. I too started without any knowledge but just conviction, 3 years ago and did not give-up..
    If we all demand, things will change...

  5. Dear Sir,

    I had seen a bit of your work and interview on the television some time back which described about your contribution towards building of roads in Bangalore with the usage of plastic.

    Though I saw it in a hush-bush, I really admired the work you have been doing.

    I wish you all the best to reach the top in this campaign.

    With best regards

    Vanaja Hariharan

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  7. A very skeptical question..or can we create a new Mahatma. Those joining the political parties are the children of Senior political members. They are breeded with the same ambitions as their seniors. Some are set out to 'change' but dont know if this will last

    Work from home

  8. Every citizen has a role to play in the upbringing of the society and identifying the key civic issues being faced by the local people. It is duty of every person to help in the upliftment of the downtrodden ones.


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